Practical Course on Reactor Measurements

9-13 February, 2015
Budapest University of Technology Hungary


Practical Course on Reactor Measurements, 9-13 February, 2015, Budapest, Hungary

The course focusses entirely on measurements related to nuclear reactors. Every day two measurement exercises are carried out in groups of 5 people. The scope of the course are measurements requiring a nuclear reactor like the criticality experiment, neutron flux measurement, delayed neutron measurement, reactor operation and the measurement of void coefficient of reactivity. Theoretical ground course is not given; participants are required to have a good understanding of reactor physics, nuclear measurement techniques and reactor operation prior to entering this course.

  • criticality experiment
  • neutron flux measurement
  • delayed neutron measurement
  • reactor operation
  • measurement of void coefficient of reactivity
  • diffusion length measurement
  • Gas-filled detectors and neutron detection
  • Radiation Protection – Theory and Practice

The course is open to Master and PhD students coming from the GENTLE partners, but also to students coming from other institutions with priority to GENTLE participants, and to professionals dealing with the course topics in their daily practices up to a total of 10 people.

Course attendants are required to have concluded courses on reactor physics, radiation protection and nuclear measurement techniques prior to starting the course. This prerequisite should be verified by the sending institute’s student administrator, manager or educational mentor employee by email or by a paper document otherwise the participant will be tested for the required knowledge at the beginning of the course.

Programme to be disclosed…

The training course is given in English.

  • G. I. Bell, S. Gladstone, Nuclear Reactor Theory, Krieger Publishing Company, Malabar, USA (1970).
  • G.F. Knoll, Radiation Detection and Measurement, Wiley (2000)

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to

In terms of knowledge:

  • understand operation of nuclear reactors
  • identify and correct parasite reaction at activation
  • understand thermal neutron spatial distribution
  • correct for self-shielding
  • understand the basis for determination of delay neutrons
  • understand how to detect fission neutrons with ionisation chambers

In terms of skills:

  • measuring the dose
  • measuring with gas filled gas chambers

In terms of competences:

  • carry out measurements with neutron activation
  • correctly interpret reactor state measurement results
  • conduct experiments on reactor physics
  • responsibly conduct reactor start and shutdown
  • This training course is free of charge for Master and PhD students (coming from GENTLE partners and other institutions).

Registration info

Registration can be done until the 15th of January, 2015, via email to the following address:

Dr. David Legrady


Accommodation is at “Professzorok Vendégháza” (Professor’s Guesthouse) for 25 EUR/night if placed in a double room. Price includes breakfast. If other accommodation (or in another arrangement) is whished please indicate it at the registration.

Contact persons

Dr. David Legrady
Associate Professor
Institute of Nuclear Techniques

+36304606270 (mobile)




Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Institute of Nuclear Techniques