Budapest University of Technology

The Institute of Nuclear Techniques (INT) of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) is part of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. The Institute consitutes of two units: the Department of Nuclear Techniques organises the educational tasks of the Institute, whereas the Department of Nuclear Energy operates the Nuclear Training Reactor. However, every member of the academic staff of the Insitute has his/her own tasks as well in the education and training as in the reactor operation.

The Instute of Nuclear Techniques – because of the high value Training Reactor – has been declared as “interuniversary institution”. Its main task is to educate the undergraduate, graduate and PhD students of the BME and other Hungarian universities and higher education institutions in the field of nucelar techniques.

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Properties of the Training Reactor and facilities to utilize:

  • maximum thermal power: 100 kW
  • the maximum thermal neutron flux: 2.7•1012 n/cm2s.
  • Neutron and gamma irradiation at 20 vertical irradiation channels, 5 horizontal beam tubes, two pneumatic rabbit systems and a large irradiation tunnel.
  • physical and radiochemical laboratories
  • hot cell
  • nuclear instrumentation (alpha, beta, gamma and neutron detectors, NIM modules)

Contact Person:

David Legrady