New Open Online Course: Understanding Nuclear Energy! On the edX platform

The GENTLE project team is delighted to announce that yesterday we published the ‘Getting started’ section of the Massive Open Online Course NUCLEAR01x – Understanding Nuclear Energy! On the edX platform – free for everybody. The Nuclear01x course is part of an EU-funded GENTLE project. The GENTLE project is a pan-European effort in the field of education and training on nuclear energy. We developed the MOOC together with the Delft Extension School from the TU Delft, a partner of edX. 

To know more about NUCLEAR01x, watch the trailer on YouTube

At this moment we have over 3500 learners enrolled for the course, but we want to reach an even broader international community with NUCLEAR01x-course! In the Getting started section, we asked people to introduce themselves on the discussion forum or on the world map, and already al lot of people responded! The course content starts on the 12th of Oct. We will publish the last week on the 15th of Nov, which will close on the 30th of Nov. 

By follow this intermediate level MOOC on edX, during the run of this 6 weeks-course, you will learn the physics behind nuclear science, how to gain energy from nuclear fission, how nuclear reactors operate safely, and the life cycle of nuclear fuel: from mining to disposal. In the last part of the course, we will focus on what matters most in the public debate: the economic and social impact of nuclear energy but also the future of energy systems.

We continuously strive to improve our online education and leverage the latest innovations. So please feel free to reach out with your feedback. In addition, I’d highly appreciate it if you could share the information about this upcoming MOOC with your colleagues, students or others who might be interested in this topic.

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